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A vertical image featuring a cylindrical lip balm stick with a clean, minimalist design. The container is white with a transparent cap, showcasing the balm inside. It's labeled 'tallow me pretty PEPPERMINT organic lip balm', emphasizing its natural ingredients and peppermint flavor. The font is elegant and modern, suggesting a luxury skincare product.
Close-up image showcasing the textured surface of the Tallow Me Pretty Peppermint Tallow Lip Balm, highlighting its creamy and granular consistency.
A slim, upright peppermint organic lip balm stick with a white cap stands against a softly blurred background. The side of the tube is labeled in a simple, elegant font 'tallow me pretty' above the words 'PEPPERMINT organic lip balm', indicating a natural skincare product. The tube is positioned on a reflective surface, conveying a clean and pure aesthetic.
A clean, minimalist presentation of a peppermint organic lip balm by 'tallow me pretty'. The open box lies horizontally next to the upright balm stick with a white cap, both on a reflective surface. The brand's name is elegantly printed in black on both the stick and the box, emphasizing the product's organic quality and inviting a sense of natural purity.
Danielle, the co-founder of Tallow Me Pretty, applying her favorite Peppermint Lip Balm, showcasing her hydrated lips, achieved with their signature organic skincare line.